Midwestern journalist and cultural critic who proves that being a rigorous reporter on social issues doesn’t require giving up on an astrology angle.

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A critic whose generosity toward his subjects emerges from expectations of them, Niko’s creative intuition is uniquely attuned to which cultural boundaries Are worth honoring, which Are worth challenging, and which must burn to the ground. From pop stars shifting the paradigms of gender and power expectations on stage to the saints of muted affect and rich hues in your local Orthodox church, Niko has never met an icon he can't extrapolate meaning, joy, and healing from in his work.

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Morgan is a writer whose work and conduct as an individual has consistently challenged my own sense of what living and working creatively with integrity looks like. I am grateful to have encountered her in the creative and personal spaces we did where I was challenged to rethink just how much potential to challenge power and embrace exuberance that I had in my position as a writer. When it is so easy to fall back on feeling beleaguered and put-upon by an industry that can be indifferent when not downright hostile,  Morgan makes clear that those realities do not foreclose on the responsibility to get up again, and get a good word in edge-wise.