Recorded Class: Exactly How To Break Into Copywriting

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Recorded Class: Exactly How To Break Into Copywriting

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As the precariousness of making a living from writing for media outlets increases, I've had a lot of people approach me about how they can get into copywriting as a side hustle or a new career path. This class is meant for both current and emerging writers and really anyone else who wants to give copywriting a try but doesn't know the basics of getting in the door, marketing themselves, finding profitable gigs, and maintaining their principles while writing for brands. 

The video sessions for this class run approximately three hours and the course resource document is 25 pages worth of sample emails that have worked to procure copy gigs as a new writer, best practices for self-promotion, a long selection and commentary section on sites and strategies for finding copy jobs. 



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Having become a freelance copywriter through a lot of trial and error, I want to make it easier for people to transition into this kind of work by providing knowledge of the industry landscape, introducing basic principles about the vast array of types of copywriting work available out there, and sharing best practices from my own work experiences. A class resource packet will be provided at the end of the class so that students don't have to take down notes during the sessions and can be fully engaged. The sessions will cover the following topics.

Session 1: Current State Of the Copy World And Your Entry Point Into It

This class will offer a basic introduction to the field of copywriting: the hugely long list of writing types that fall under the umbrella of "copy" and the benefits and drawbacks of writing each kind, what industries have the highest demand for copy work and which industries pay well for it, and we'll start talking about how to build a portfolio that will be attractive to brands even if you've never written copy.

Session 2: Building A Portfolio & Finding The Right People To See It For Jobs

This class will continue the discussion of building a portfolio and then move onto how to use it to land copywriting jobs on both a freelance or full-time basis, depending on what you're looking for. We will discuss the pitfalls and benefits of using job boards and recruiters for copy work and discuss how to essentially cold pitch yourself to your preferred brands successfully for ongoing copy work. We will also discuss how to spot red flags in job postings, communications with clients, and in navigating getting yourself paid a fair wage and in a timely manner. 

Session 3: Leveling Up While Staying Below The Radar

The final class will be about sustaining a pipeline of reliable copy work that fits into your broader career goals and positions you to advance to more senior-level creative opportunities that you keep control of. We will discuss being a specialist versus a generalist, how to avoid conflicts of interest if you are also doing editorial writing, and how to either make your copy and editorial work complement each other well or figure out a way to keep the two streams of income completely separate in your public profile if you don't want one or the other to be as visible to potential clients.