Recorded Class: Exactly How To Pitch To Media, Brands, & Agencies As A Writer

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Recorded Class: Exactly How To Pitch To Media, Brands, & Agencies As A Writer

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Expanding on several classes I've taught on both pitching and working for brands, this class is a step-by-step guide on how to pitch a diverse range of ideas and services as a writer. This class covers pitching stories to media outlets as an essayist or journalist, to individual brands as a copywriter, and to creative agencies and recruiting firms as a potential candidate for gigs with their clients. 

The course include two hours of recorded video instructions and the course resource packet which is over 35 pages and includes 20+ real pitches I've used and templates that students can adapt to their pitching needs in addition to substantial guidance on best practices, myths to dispel, and how to position yourself for new, more ambitious work.


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Below, you will find the class descriptions which I've used relevant Wayne Gretzky quotes instead of traditional class titles. 

Sessions 1-3: You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don't Take

The first session is focused on fundamentals of successfully making initial contact that has the potential to lead to more work and bigger projects in the future (those are discussed in the second session). We will discuss exactly what elements go into a strong pitch and (perhaps more importantly) what elements stay out. Using a pitch formula and several successful pitch examples as guidelines, we will discuss how to adjust your language, tone, and style in a pitch based on the level of familiarity with the recipient, the scope and type of project, and the publication/brand/agency at which the pitch is aimed. We will briefly cover finding the right contacts for your pitches and the course packet includes detailed instructions and guidelines for that as well. 

Examples Of Pitch Scenarios Covered In Class:

Pitching a story to an editor at a media outlet with whom you have no prior relationship

Pitching your writing services to a brand that is not currently advertising a need for writers

PItching your writing services to a creative agency that may or may not be looking for writers 

Pitching yourself to an individual from whom you hope to establish a professional relationship such as a possible mentor, source of expertise or information, creative collaborator, or 

 Session 4-6: I Skate To Where The Puck Is Going To Be, Not Where It Has Been

The second session of the class is about taking your career to the next level as a writer with pitches that make a compelling case that just because you haven't done a certain kind of creative endeavor before does not mean you shouldn't be trusted to do it now. Using pitch examples that build clear and confident bridges between different types of written content and parsing out just how much more qualified we all are to take on more ambitious work, this class offers students the confidence to gracefully assert their ability to diversify, advance, and expand their writing careers. 

Examples Of Pitch Scenarios Covered In Class:

A media writer pitching themselves for copywriting work without prior experience and vice versa

A writer without reporting experience pitching their first reported story

A writer at mostly small or niche publications pitching to a mainstream publication

A writer with some brand experience pitching a long-term creative collaboration with a brand or agency

A writer with some experience with a publication pitching a series or column  for the publication

A writer with smaller brand experience pitching themselves to a creative agency with high profile clients