Below are links to reviews of my book, interviews, and profiles of me that aren't savage pans. If you want the savage pans of my work, you can find them yourself on Twitter or in the depths of several MRA forums. 



"Web stars, it girls and authors, but not overnight sensations," The Toronto Star, March 2017

"Tales From the Personal Essay Industrial Complex," New York Times Book Review, February 2017

"In Defense Of Celebrity Feminism," The New Republic, March 2017

“Shine On: Inside the Glittery Mind of Alana Massey,” Nylon, February 2017

“Alana Massey Humanizes Pivotal Women from Britney Spears to Joan Didion in All the Lives I Want,” Paste Magazine, February 2017

"All the Lives I Want Revisits Feminization and Personhood," The Harvard Crimson, February 2017 

“EXCLUSIVE: Author Alana Massey on Beyonce's Twins and How 'Befriending' Famous Women Helped Her Forgive Herself,” Entertainment Tonight, February 2017

“‘The Primary Emotion I Was Following Was Anger’: An Interview with Alana Massey,” Hazlitt, February 2017

"All the Lives I Marched For: Alana Massey’s Second Stories," Ploughshares, February 2017

"On All The Lives I Want: An Interview with Alana Massey," Michigan Quarterly Review, February 2017

"Searching for Our Own Reflections: Lessons from Alana Massey and Madeleine L’Engle," Christ & Pop Culture, February 2017

    "I talked to Alana Massey about her new book, All the Lives I Want, which should be required reading for everyone,”, February 2017

    “11 Brutally Honest Quotes From All The Lives I Want About Womanhood, Body Image, Romance, And More,” Bustle, February 2017

    "10 brilliant emerging female authors to read in 2017," VICE, January 2017

    "28 books to read in 2017," The Week, January 2017

    "50 Books We Can’t Wait To Read In 2017," Nylon, December 2016

    "15 (Okay, 16) Books to Look Forward to in 2017," The Observer, December 2016

    "These Are The 2017 Books We're Most Excited About Right Now," Refinery29, December 2016

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    “Alana Massey’s journey to being taken seriously,”  The Columbia Journalism Review, January 2016

    “An Interview With Alana Massey,” The Awl, September 2015