Online Class: How To Earn A Living With (Several Types Of) Writing - September 25, Oct 2, Oct 9


Online Class: How To Earn A Living With (Several Types Of) Writing - September 25, Oct 2, Oct 9


This three-day class will walk you through the various ways you can find and excel in various kinds of writing jobs while still working on the things you want to write. It is about learning to be skilled at these various roles, finding the opportunities where they are, landing them, and making them part of your overall portfolio as a writer while maximizing earnings.  Each class is 1.5 hours long and is conducted on a Skype group call from 8:00pm- 9:30pm EST on three Mondays in a row.  Every student will be given the option to have a 15 minute one-on-one call with the instructor to discuss their writing goals and how to execute them. 


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Class 1, September 25: Writing For Media

Learn to pitch and write for the publications and media outlets where you want your writing to be seen and shared. Includes essays, reported features, interviews, articles, etc.

Class 2, October 2: Writing For Brands & Social Media

 They may get a bad rap and you might think you're too cool to write for a consumer product but it pays better than you think and flexes creative muscles you can use elsewhere.  The first half of the class covers writing types like web copy, content marketing, blogging, ghost-writing, etc.  The seocnd half will cover social media writing, an in-demand skill that remains vastly misunderstood despite the ubiquity of social media. 

Class 3, October 9: The Hustle

None of this is possible without a serious commitment of time and energy to seeking out the right kind of writing jobs for your skills and financial needs. Some people are naturally built for the hustle and others have to train themselves in it to make it work for them. This class is about raising your rates, managing your time, and still making time for a life and sleep.

One-On-One Strategy Session

I will make myself available for 15 minutes of individualized advice and strategic planning for your writing career which we can maximize if you send an email in advance of it with your overall goals and what you're stuck on, would like to know, etc. 

Best Practices, Tips, and Shortcuts Document

This 6K word document features an overview of the key takeaways from the class, several specific practices that will help you find and win writing work, and reading material for better understanding various writing markets. It will be distributed when the class wraps.