Praise For All THe Lives I WAnt:     

"...searingly insightful reminders of shared experience — humor-filled rafts of humanity in a sea of contemporary TMZ- and Trump-fueled despair..." – VICE 

“Massey’s voice is wholly original, and her critical instincts are always spot-on as she illuminates the reasons behind why we celebrate and excoriate the women who exist in the public eye...” — Nylon Magazine

"... a smart, well-curated look at the reality of celebrity womanhood and the burdens we create when we expect so much of our idols....We admire not just what they symbolize, but that they can be symbols at all, that they have the capacity to become something more than what they actually are..." – Bitch Magazine

"Massey bridges the gap from Sylvia Plath to Amber Rose, and all the high- and lowbrow female celebrities in between with her deeply contemporary voice and sense of humor." – The Week

"Massey’s meditation on our cultural fascination with the iconic, prematurely deceased writer is a standout of her upcoming collection, in which she probes the lives of famous and infamous women and incorporates her own experiences to arrive at sharp insights on celebrity fascination..." – Huffington Post