Today in Fake Problems: Sold Out Bosch Leggings

For anyone needing proof of Don Draper's astute assessment to those useless beatnicks in Seasone One that the universe is indifferent, Exhibit A: these Hieronymous Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights leggings are sold out AND no longer being produced. GardenOfEarthlyDelights

In what kind of sane, kind universe would I be deprived of these?  Ever since my sophomore year of high school when our Honor's Humanities teacher made us look uncomfortably at the graphic details of lust and revelry in Bosch's masterpiece, I've been obsessed. I had a Bosch-themed DeadJournal and insisted on bringing my Garden of Earthly Delights poster with me when I studied abroad in Ghana, despite being told to just bring essentials.  What, pray tell NYU, is less essential than this decorative depiction of the hellscapes dreamed up by a deeply religious, possibly insane Flemish man? Today, my apartment features five Bosch prints and I'm forever trying to budget in more so that I can achieve my ultimate dream of having a 100% nightmare-themed living space.

But alas and alack, they are no more.  Just another rock hurtling through space.