Never Leave Me, Clergy Fashion

So I went to Divinity School. I had vague notions about tending to the spiritual needs of prisoners and wearing a lot of black and was possibly insane when I decided to go, for those that are curious. Some days, I regret my decision to change to a more academic degree from my original program that would have given me more pastoral qualifications. But on days when I discover GEMS like this blouse, I REALLY regret that decision.  Hey Reverend Sass, come take a seat by me! Esther-Clergy-Blouse-Navy-Model

Thanks to Whitney Waller (who I hope to one day see again so I can call her Reverend Sass), I discovered this exquisite clergy shirt and am having serious buyer's remorse over that useless master's degree I got that opens up no opportunity for me to wear it! Whitney describes it best when she says, " This top says, 'I may be a minister, but I don’t want you to forget that I’m a lady with a penchant for Jane Austen novels and renaissance fairs.  But, don’t mistake those guilty pleasures for girlish weakness.'"

I would also like to note that she is wearing a wedding band on each hand, one for her beloved and one, I must assume, for the Lord.  With that many men in your life, it is absolutely essential that your dynamic style makes a statement.

But more to the point, I was never a proper Goth kid but I did spend an inordinate amount of my youth dreaming about marrying Trent Reznor during a time when he dressed like this:


This clergy shirt would be several adolescent wedding dreams fulfilled.  Appropriately old-timey regalia! Being the officiant at my own wedding! Cranky, small-of-stature people uniting in wedded bliss!

But I never got my M. Div. And Trent Reznor put a ring on somebody else.  Sometimes, it just can't be a coincidence.