10 Sentences I Wrote That Remind Me I Can Write Sentences

Surprise! I have made my blog which used to be sort of about One Direction and my selfies into a ~writing blog~ of sorts. And since my writing process is mostly me just clicking away in a fevered rush until I suddenly stop and start sobbing onto very expensive electronics about my utter incompetence, some of this blog is going to be about the self-care I do in writing to pick myself back up. What I have struggled with over the last few days is creating sentences that I care about or that mean something to me or are clever or use words well or whatever it is that sentences are supposed to do. It is easy in those moments to think I've exhausted all my best ones and should call it a day. But I have felt that many times before when I wrote a sentence I was especially proud of. And so this post involved me rereading a bunch of previous work and selecting ten sentences that I am especially proud of. I can look at them and either laugh or have a little heart ache or just be grateful to be entrusted with language for a living.

So here they are, sentences I wrote and am very happy to have done so:

"To commit suicide in the beginning or the middle of a story was to radically refuse to participate in the narrative as anything but a ghost. There was something familiar about wanting to haunt a story rather than tell it."

"Summer is in full swing and you know what that means: it's time to do ho shit."

"The reliable ghouls at the Post run a cover photo of the moment right before the cruelly small blade enters Foley’s neck. It turns out that the beginning of an era looks a lot like an unfair fight between metal and bone."

"Chill is what Cool would look like with a lobotomy and no hobbies...Chill presides over the funeral of reasonable expectations. Chill takes and never gives. Chill is pathologically unfeeling but not even interesting enough to kill anyone. Chill is a garbage virtue that will destroy the species. Fuck Chill."

"Sorrow does not have a circumference. It has a weight that slumps the posture and disfigures one’s good sense but it is a weight like heavy particles in the air more than weight like a watermelon on the shoulders."

"I thought of many ways that the delicate magic of children’s lives might be disturbed by the practicalities and cruelties of everyday living. And this was all just the neurosis of encountering eight little shoes."

"The first rule of ending casual relationships is that you have to end casual relationships. There are too many people that just choose to stop responding to text messages to end things. Those people are weasels that eat trash and wet popcorn and deserve to be set adrift on ice floes and left to the mercies of the deep ocean."

"Yoga, in the minds of many straight men, is a placeholder for light but effective exercise done primarily by women. It is a sanitary practice, a form of exercise uncontaminated by sweat or gender-neutral footwear. Something that pretty girls do three times a week in flattering pants."

"We laugh and shake our progressive heads when a little girl wants to be a princess, gently clarifying, 'No little one, I mean how do you hope to toil so that you and your family might not starve?'

"At the center of this dying universe was a living god. And that god was full of impossible, unconditional, and undeserved love. But just as New York’s light pollution obscured the beauty of the skies, its pace and indifference had dulled my senses to godly love. And so I invented stories about the particular clarity of Connecticut skies."