I've Got The Cat, You Bring The Skills: Fall Catskills Farmhouse Bedroom Rental For The Quiet and Decor You Need To Finish Your Project

Ahoy Friends, Nemeses, and Secret Admirers alike! Since my last post in May (were we ever so young??!?!), I've had a great time renting out a bedroom in my house in the Catskills to writers, academics, and other people with a project that is made easier by being surrounded by trees and within a ten minute drive of charming book stores, restaurants, and places where you can buy candles and locally fermented foods. Depending on what week during the fall you come, the house will look like a variation on one of these (we get early snows and the leaves turn soon!): 

PicMonkey Collage.jpg



The house is 2 hours and 10 minutes north of the city and is situated on 1.5 acres of land in a forested area between the villages of Woodstock and Saugerties called the Highwoods. I used to have the house on Airbnb and did well with it but found the guests kind of unpredictable and they'd usually just want weekends so I'm making rentals available at a discount to people looking to work on their creative projects here, ideally who share interests, some habits, and are chill with one large grey cat who is not allowed to go into your room but who will insist on your attention when you're around the house. I have guests occasionally but won't have any raucous parties or anything, unless you want to bust out the gold karaoke mics and make it one! Here are photos of the house. Choose from either  the usual guest room (photos 1 & 2) that gets way more sunlight, has a closet and dresser, and connects railroad style to the TV room featuring Keanu Reeves rug ($250 for the week), or the master bedroom (photos 3 & 4) which has its own private bathroom with shower, 2 closets, writing desk, and less direct light ($325 for the week): The rest of the photos give an idea of what the house is like. Enjoy!


The area is full of hiking trails, waterfalls, meditations centers, and the like for outdoorsy folks and the house is 5 minutes to the village of Woodstock, 10 minutes to the village of Saugerties, both of which offer plenty to do and explore! Below are a handful of guest testimonials from this past summer and our photos together, let them convince you!

Alana Massey Alyona Minkovski.jpg

"Alana helped me with my book proposal and somehow talked me into a patriotic photoshoot with a TransAm."

-Alyona Minkovski, total babe and Russian television personality 

IMG_1537 (1).jpg

"My stay was amazing and I got a lot of work I care about done, I highly recommend the porch swing. Also, Alana Massey is a better writer than David Foster Wallace."

- Tyler Barstow, tall smart man and founder of Vinyl Me Please

Emily And Alana Massey House Guest.jpg

"A magical space full of magical creatures. The cat can speak and the local handyman brought over a dragon."

-Emily Warfield, fellow community member in the support group for people with Large Grey Sons


So what are you waiting for!?!?!? Fill out the form and I'll holler soon! 

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