Look At These Wild Heroes Reading My Book

So it was cool when galleys went out and the occasional friend sent me a photo of themselves with my book. But I have to say, that now that hardcovers have shipped and actual fans I don't know (or who I do know but bought it anyway! do that HERE if you haven't!) have the book and are photographing it in interesting ways, I really feel like this is a living thing that matters. BEHOLD, THE  BOOK IN THE WORLD:

First up, we have the crown prince of Air Jordans, Mychal Denzel Smith, rocking matching shoes to the book. He later vowed that he could never be seen wearing these sneakers again, since they appeared on his Instagram. WHAT A HERO: 

Next we have Katy and her adorable cat, two babes I adore: 

I don't know Meredith Salisbury but she took an excellent photo of the book for which I am eternally grateful:


Corey Kindberg came through with a face masque, cereal, and other forms of decadence to celebrate: 


And here we have another hero, Michelle, who put the book where it belongs: ON SOME TITTIES:

The ever-elegant and refined Rachel Vorona Cote brought some class to the affair with this set-up with the book:

I don't know this woman but her name is Elizabeth she is stunning and reading my book, the only two things that matter in this world:

My favorite little Grim Creeper, Eve Peyser, was the only friend willing to take this macabre photo that I took (a Sylvia Plath death reference) and put it out publicly. May Satan bless her: 

Rachel Berkey, whose name rhymes with turkey but that I won't CALL turkey, kept it simple: 

Martha Burzynski CLEARLY gets the message of this book and surrounded it with beauty products: 

We got Caitlin Cruz, repping both this book and the high seas with that nautical star: 

And last but NEVER LEAST, my own parents went to their local bookstore to be certain I wasn't just lying about this whole book deal thing: 

If you have a pic you want to share of your copy of All The Lives I Want, use hashtags, #allthelivesiwant or #alanamassey or tag me, @alanakm in them!