Hey Peep This New URL, Fan Club

For historians specializing in my rise to infamy, they know that this website started as a joke blog on which I made fun of clergy novelty wear and artsy leggings and indulged in celebrity crushes. Very little has changed since those halcyon days because I am nothing without my priorities. It had a goofy title and a lame theme and I never spell-checked anything. If the blog came to life at any point in my life, it would have looked like me here:

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.26.44 PM

But what has changed is the extent to which I need my website to function professionally since Google is all up in my business making this a very visible space when my ADORING HORDES OF FANS LOOK ME UP WITH THE INTENTION OF PROPOSING SORDID LOVE AFFAIRS.  I need something slightly more sophisticated and professional, something a little more like a  mafia widow but with an MA and a decent portfolio:


So what's changed is the URL to my first name with initials because I fancy myself a regular L. Ron Hubbard.  Naturally, I've added a picture of the Rusalka to my header, the Russian water nymphs who are the ghosts of drowned women that haunt the shit out of people, MOSTLY DUDES THOUGH HAHAHA. I've also updated the links to my writing and my bio, you know, for all those clamoring to get to know how terribly interesting I am.