Go Home, Kendall and Kylie, This is the Hottest Bitch at Coachella

Are you watching a video of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing at Coachella right now? If you answered, "No," fuck you, I hate you, watch this video of Leonardo DiCaprio dancing at Coachella right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N49qrDk6BTA

Like most women born between 1884 and 2013, I have a very detailed plan for precisely how I will react when I encounter Leonardo DiCaprio.   And when I do, it is gonna be cause of deja-vu for old Leo because it will be exactly like this chick who made it.


I know, girl. I know.

Some people think that camera phones were invented for multimedia sexting. They werent', they were invented for when people saw Leonardo DiCaprio in the wild.  It is unclear to me why every dumbass in this video is like "Lol, whatever" when they have Leonardo DiFuckingCaprio dancing like a lunatic from one of the lesser Duke fraternities who just did ecstasy for the first time while on Spring Break in San Diego (though the dancing obviously took place in Tijuana nightclub Safari).  Fortunately, God sent the angel above to capture it for us.  If anyone knows how I can contact this intrepid reporter, please let me know.  I have a gift for her.