Thank You for Your Contribution

I love a clever defacement of bad advertising in the subway.  I have seen some downright genius face switcharounds on movie posters and poignant screeds against Scientology.  But the twerp that turned the F train sign into "Fag," now he has really outdone himself.  The wit, the charm, the questions it raises!  Is he calling all F train riders fags? Is he calling the train itself a fag? Is he calling you, specifically, a fag when you read it? Great art makes you ask more questions than it can answer. graffiti

To this up and coming street artist and hopefully my future protege, I would like to request you transform the following train signs.  G to Gay. A to Ass. B to Butt. C to Cunt. D to Dick. M to Minge. L to Labia. Q to Queer. R to Rectum. N to Nalgas (a neglected but absolutely key region). Have  I missed any?  Only then will your clever rampage be complete and the city will be a little smarter, a little sassier for it.  You can't see me right now, but I'm tipping my hat.