Lame Things That Interest Me: The NYC Council

It is a common practice for regular people to have fantasies about their favorite gaggle of famous people palling around, doing fun things.  Maybe you think One Direction is in a constant state of horsing around and going on fun-fueled glamping (glamour camping) trips where they sometimes spontaneously jump into big piles of bros and make S'mores.  Maybe you think of Leonardo Dicaprio and his gang of ne'er do-wells goofing off in Vegas clubs, hitting on 19 year old girls with really low self-esteem.  For me, that fantasy is about the entire New York City Council being a bunch of goofy  pranksters, cracking jokes about Bloomberg, and singing New York-themed karaoke songs and then having haunted sleepover parties in City Hall.  They just seem like a fun, silly bunch in my mind. That was until I feasted my eyes on THIS:


Careful where you point that thing, Councilman Levin! And make sure it's not at my heart as it would reveal that it is thumping at dangerously high speeds!  This guy isn't jacking Jumaane William's Twitter account to say "LOL, I hate the Knicks!" (Jumaane Williams loves the Knicks). He is enforcing the law, catching criminals, and bringing them to justice, while also promoting community gardens and universal pre-K!   Sorry Brad Lander, he doesn't have time to duet "Fairytale of New York" with you tonight, he's ON PATROL.

In all seriousness, the speeding that he is addressing on Kent Avenue is a very real issue and speed enforcement is notoriously bad in that area.  But that picture! It screams "Lone Hero of Gotham" and I felt that the six of you who read this blog should know it. Go on with your bad self, dark knight of that most curiously shaped council district.