I Just Can't With You, Racist Beauty Products

Look, some of my favorite people are white people.  Truly, I can't get enough of 'em. I have a white mom! A dad too! And a white best friend! But I am a little sick and tired of the beauty industry telling everyone that they should try to be as white possible. I recently barfed with my eyes when I saw THIS: racistproducts

High five, beauty industry, you've outdone yourself this time with the blatant advertising of a skin-lightening cream. I've seen some more nuanced attempts to market skin-lighteners before in the US, but never with such obviousness, NAY, chutzpah! They really just went for it here, right?

But there is some silver lining in this I suppose.  I saw this product in Carroll Gardens and SPOILER ALERT: The people there absolutely cannot get any whiter so no one is going to buy this shit.  See you in the clearance bin, jerk.